This is 28

I thought about writing a long post dwelling on my end of twenties woes, but the reality is I’ve grown tired of the whole “oh no, I’m almost thirty” storyline. I’ve started to embrace the beauty that getting older brings. In my last bday post, I talked about wanting 27 to be about digging deeper into who I am and boy did I learn a thing or two. I was tested more than I’ve ever been emotionally and feel it could be helpful to share some of the good, bad and beautiful lessons I learned this past year. I hope something stands out and inspires you to welcome life’s changes with open arms.

-       Some may forget what you did, but more than likely your words will linger. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

-       No one is above hurting you, but remember you’re in control of how deep the wound goes.

-       There’s no “right way” to do love but never forget that it starts with you.

-       Boundaries are so necessary. NEVER break them. 

-       There may be a chance to rekindle old friendships. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

-       As much as you hate to hear it, time does heal. Next time, don’t rush it.

-       Family, as dysfunctional and trying as it can be, the love will fuel you like no other.

-        Financial freedom won't come from avoiding your bank app, or swiping your credit card as if it has no limit. Stop burying yourself in materialistic debt, it will eventually strangle you.

-       Watching my nephew grow, smile with curiousity, fearlessly climb stairs his tiny hands and feet can barely reach has filled my heart with a new kind of love. A love I hope to experience someday soon with my own. 

So, here’s to another year of growth! Though I feel the need to brace myself, I’m confident that whatever 28 brings, I can handle.