Back To The Basics

The struggle of revamping my wardrobe continues. Feels like I've been going through this for an eternity. Right now my closet consists mostly of things I've outgrown style wise and (after a little weight loss) physically. So I'm happy to say that the revamping process has finally begun. The first step I've taken is stocking up on my basics again. That mostly consists of t-shirts and jeans that don't give me major saggy butt. I've also started selling old items on Poshmark If you haven't heard of it, its an app that makes selling your clothes super easy. With that said, here's to letting go of the old to make room for the new!

Jacket|T-Shirt| Jeans| Shoes: H&M-Earrings: Meghna Jewels-Bag: Francescas

Revamp your wardrobe lately?