Dodging Curveballs In The Comfiest Dress I Own

Life throws some mean curve balls. Sometimes, you see them coming and can brace yourself for the catch. Other times, or I should say, most of the time they catch you off guard.

When I think back at the “by the time I’m 25” goals I set for myself as a young girl, I chuckle a little inside. Oprah isn’t worried about me dethroning her any time soon and those eight kids I wanted have trickled down to two, maybe one.  It has taken me awhile to learn that no matter how much you think you can prep yourself for your next move, life isn’t on your timeline. You are where you are because that is where you’re meant to be at that moment. That can be a hard pill to swallow when you see someone further along on their journey. Which is why It’s so important to understand that your journey is yours. Your story is yours. Slip on some nice comparison blinders and stay focused on the most important thing- where you’re trying to go.

My “by the time I’m 30” goals are structured a lot different. Oprah can release the clutch on her pearls because she didn’t make the list and kids are no longer a “goal”. Now, do I know what the next three years will bring? You guessed it, nope. But this time around, I’ll have my helmet on tight, footing in the right position and bat marked with every goal I’ve ever housed in my heart ready to hit a home run. 

                                                                DRESS|  ASOS - SHOES|  Adidas   - PURSE| (similar)   H&M  

                                                              DRESS| ASOS- SHOES| Adidas- PURSE|(similar) H&M