Hair Revival

When boredom strikes, you end up with purple hair. 

The last time I've done something new and exciting with my hair was when I went natural five years ago. So, lately I've been itching for a change and after letting go of the idea of another cut, I decided to revive my hair with color. Then I hit another bump in the road when researching the process of dying it and decided the maintenance or potential damage just wasn't something I wanted to deal with right now. That's when I stumbled across an amazing alternative. Jerome Russel's temporary hair color! It is not only easy to use but affordable as well. I've been swooning over purple fros on tumblr so I instantly gravitated towards panther purple from the line. I have to say that i'm loving it!

There are a few not so great things that stood out but weren't a complete turnoff for me. It has an odd smell and does transfer to clothing. I haven't experienced any staining but you should be conscious of what you're wearing while using it. Lastly, it does make your hair feel dry. As a natural I know that can be a huge down side but for its temporary use I don't think that is a deal breaker. I had it in for a couple of days and as the color faded with styling the softness of my texture reemerged. So, overall it's definitely worth the five bucks. 

Have you revived your hair lately?

xo, Kenyetta