My Playlist

1. Bruno Mars -Just the way you are
2.Eminem Feat. Rihanna -Love they way you lie
3.Cee lo- No one's gonna love you
4.Jazmine Sullivan- Hold you down
5.Katy Perry- California Girls
6.Jason Derulo- Ridin Solo
7.Justin Bieber-Never let you go/Somebody to love
9.Drake- Up all night/Find your love
10.Trey Songz- Cant Be Friends

All of these songs speak to me in some way right now, some I can relate others I just love the message. Bruno Mars "just the way you are" is like my all time favorite right now, I hope to find someone who feels that way about me someday. Someone who will accept me, flaws and all....I'll stop with the mushyness, so if you want to check out any of the songs click the title of the song, you won't be disappointed...well, at least I hope you wont.

Also check out some great covers I love from great YouTube singers after the jump!