My Week In Review: Things on my mind


Yes, I too love the newly resurrected show "The Game". I have been a fan of the show since its debut my freshman year of college and was upset that it was canceled. So when I found out BET picked it up, I was skeptical but excited. After watching the first episode I wasn't let down. The drama was instant which kept me glued for the hour long season opener. The episodes that followed were, ok. So far I feel the show flowed better when it was on the CW, hopefully the rest of the story line doesn't make me stray. with that said I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, hopefully the show has a long successful run with its new network.

More of what's on my mind  after the jump!

2. Girls Night is the best.

My Friend came over for a little girls night and we had a blast.You can't go wrong with wine and scary movies. Friendships are a beautiful thing. Having someone to confide in and be your complete self around is priceless. I'm a chatter box at heart so I love having someone whose ears I can talk off.

3.Mend sour relationships.

I fell out with one of my cousins last year and we recently sat down and chatted. I use to hate the thought of knowing that someone had an issue with me. I would instantly try to fix the issue whether I was right or wrong. Now I just let time tell, especially if I don't feel like I did anything wrong. But sometimes its good to look at both sides, its make it a bit clearer.

4.Take care of your things.

Or they will bail on you when you need them the most. I'm blogging to you from a computer lab on my campus. Why? Because my computer is currently on vacation(broke). Right before the semester started it stopped charging. I knew something was going to happen eventually after I accidentally kicked it out of my bed while sleeping. *sigh* right when I was back on track with blogging. I'm going to get it fixed this weekend,so hopefully I'll be blogging to you from the comfort of my bed soon.

5.Nikon Vs. Cannon

I will soon be the proud owner of one but I can't choose. I hate posting crappy pics so its about that time to invest in a professional camera. I love taking pictures, it's probably due to my dads love for it. He doesn't have many pictures of his self as a child. So growing up my siblings and I always had a camera in our faces. I want to start documenting my life through the good lens of a good camera, not the current one I have which I bought only because it was pink, silly me. Any suggestions on cameras?

6.Summer shopping, anyone?

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I am sooo ready to put away my coat, scarf, glove, hat, basically anything that has to do with winter. Though I am in the mist of a snow storm all I can think about is my summer wardrobe. Cropped tops, jumpers and high waisted shorts, skirts and pants are on my must have list. H&M will be my go to store, not surprising, and I will be trying out asos for the first time. Though I love their clothing I've never purchased anything from them, that will soon change.


My feet Hurt´╗┐.

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I use to say the taller, the better when it came to my taste in heels. Well my feet are starting to disagree. Since I still love tall heels I decided to invest in different types. Preferably more wedges, and I want to try out some chunky heels, which I've never worn before.

8.Damage control

I will be heading to Chicago this weekend to get some much needed trimming done to my hair. Being natural isn't a easy job. My hair is falling out left and right and I believe its due to the fact that 1. I still have permed ends and 2. I haven't had a trim since May of 10. Hopefully the breakage stops after I get it trimmed. I have also been thinking about coloring and straightening my hair for the summer. I'm a bit scared about damage but hopefully that wont be the case because I have enough of that already. :(

9.I cryed yesterday.


 is by far my favorite writer in the blogging world. I get drawn in with every letter, word, sentence she shares with her readers. I too have a love for writing, but lately I haven't been investing in it like I feel I should. I mean I'm a journalism major for crying out loud. Now that I've taken all of my classes that required me to write something, I haven't given the effort to do so on my own.  Reading Amelias blog where her passion for writing is so strong, I have become truly inspired. So as of late I went back to how I started, with a notebook and pen I started writing. I keep the notebook close to my bed so when the urge sparks me I can write. I made up in my mind that I would write about anything no matter what it is, I just need to get back to writing,and to find my voice. Yesterday I started to write about someone special to me and I started to cry. The amount of love you can receive from just one person is overwhelming. I plan on sharing more writing on my blog and I would love any kind of feedback. I said in the past I would share my writing but I don't often out of fear mostly but that day has come and left.

10.I want a peace of mind

This woman, just wow. Her music really feeds my soul. My sister called me and anxiously told me how badly I needed to hear this song, and once I did I couldn't stop. This song speaks to my heart at the moment. I truly believe music can heal. It unites people of all backgrounds, it comforts you in time of need, it makes you laugh, smile, and sometimes cry. I would love to see her in concert soon but lately she has been known to be tardy for her own party.