Lights! Action! Hollywooood!!!!!

If you follow me on


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channel (shameless plugs haha!) you know that I'm going to California. My friend Shaina and I have been planning this trip for the longest and we finally booked it! So early Saturday I will be jetting off to the city of angels and I'm beyond excited. Shaina has promised to take outfit pics for me and I'm so excited to show you guys the looks I've come up with and I'm even going to snap some of Shaina, I got her to buy this great dress from H&M and I'm curious to see how she will style it. Friday I will be heading to my parents house in Chicago and I will be making my sister take pictures of me so I will be posting a outfit post that night. I will have my dads camera so the pic quality will be waaay better. So I'll chat with you guys Friday, after that I will be on a weeks hiatus. I'll leave you with my theme song for my trip!