My Style Evolution

Hi ladies! long time no chatting, I'm back to update you all on this thing called my life. A couple of posts ago I ranted about hating my wardrobe and wanting a change. I've since been going to my favorite blogs and style magazines for inspiration and it has definitely helped me with transforming my wardrobe. I've been doing a little shopping,some would say a lot of shopping, and I've been finding some amazing stuff. I have been putting together some great looks that I failed to take pics to show you all (hence the lack of posts) but I've vowed to change that.

My goal while shopping was to find classic pieces that I feel 30,40,50 year old Kenyetta would wear, and I definitely think I'm doing a good job at finding those great timeless pieces. From comfy knits, which I'm obsessing over for fall, to flare jeans which is something I would have never bought before. All of this change in my wardrobe inspired me to look at my past fashion hits and misses. My style has definitely evolved along with my hair lol.

Are you switching your style up, or trying something you haven't before?

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