Wedding Weekend Recap!

This past weekend had to be the best of the summer for me so far. I had the honor of witnessing my cousin (more like a big sister) get married. Yup, another bridesmaid dress has been added to my closet and I must say I am loving how much


has been surrounding me. The dress was comfy and cute though I have to admit I had to cut out carbs two weeks before the wedding to fit in it (girl problems). She also gifted us with the cutest little bag with our jewelry inside, such a sweet touch.Of course I took as many pics as I could before my phone died so, here is a small recap.

Good music, food, photo booth, and a open bar- it was definitely a good time!


I also got a chance to see Fruitvale Station this weekend and cried like a lost child, it was really good. Have you seen it?