I was taking a nice, fabulously holy nap when I was startled by my boyfriends voice as he shoved me awake.

"Baby! Baby! You have to listen to this!"

I rolled over hoping it wasn't what I thought it was and to my horror I was wrong. He was watching yet another podcast of the latest Sim City video game and had sent in a question that was answered by the host. He chuckled like a little girl (he won’t be offended) as I rolled my eyes, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

                                                                    His gaming face-My over it face 

That was the first time I realized I was dating a game head. I would consider him a soft core gamer with hard core gaming tendencies. When he’s interested in a game he does his research. I mean, really does his research. He reads articles, reviews, watches countless videos, and will even dust of his skills and play the last installment of the game. I was so happy when the hype of Sim City simmered down and things got back to normal. Then some genius decided it was time to launch a new Grand Theft Auto. So I’m currently, as I type this, reliving that moment all over again. 

To help myself out and maybe other girlfriends who are feeling my pain, I've come up with some tools that can help you out during your boyfriends crazed video gaming moments.

Be Understanding

I just figure the high I get when there is an amazing shoe sale is the same high he gets when a video game he's excited about is about to launch. We all have our hobbies that we love to do and that our significant other might not be that interested in so being understanding can help us get through the sometimes annoying moments.

Get a Kit

For days you still want to hang out even though he'll be knee deep in a video game, Get yourself a "I'm here, but I'm really not here" kit. Magazines, books, Nail polish if your nails need a touch up, if your a blogger you can get caught up on some posts (hence me writing this one). Just general interests you have that can keep you busy while your boyfriend forgets you exist. 

Get it yourself

 I asked him what was one thing he'd tell a girl who was dating a gamer. He suggests if it's something you can do or figure out yourself pretty much leave him out of it. In the words of my love don't ruin the experience, these men are in a zone when they are playing video games. I will admit I'm not that good at doing this one.

Get Involved

 Whether you love videos games or not I think its cool to try the game out for yourself. After watching him play SimCity for hours I just couldn't understand how it could be that interesting, then I decided to give it a try. A couple of hours later I was now the person being pulled off the computer. So you just never know if you'll enjoy it too and if you don't it's still a great way to show that you take interest in things he likes, which is always a good thing. Even if he tells you the city you've built isn't as cool as his, or if he gets mad when you prove him wrong. Its all in fun, and you get to spend time together when you might otherwise be ignored.

Hope this helps someone out!

Dating someone who loves playing video games? What do you do to survive the launch of a new game?