Layering Lover

The season of layering is here and I'm welcoming it with open arms! My favorite pieces to layer has to be a sweater paired with a button down, which instantly dresses up a look. I had a lot of fun shooting these photos with my dad who's a huge fan of photography and the story behind it is very touching to me. Can you imagine not having photos of yourself as child?

He fell in love with photography as a young adult and that interest was sparked by him not having photos of himself as a child. Because of that, he wanted to make sure his kids had memories to look back on and has definitely followed suit. While I use to wonder why my dad turned everything into a photo-op I now realize how valuable having memories of my sibling and I playing in the park or me playing the air guitar while the Hansons "

I will come to you

" played in the background are. It's really cool to see him continue to capture moments in my life, even if it's just photos for my little ole blog.

Coat: Michael Kors (via Marshalls)-Sweater: H&M-Jeans/Shoes: TjMaxx-Purse: Francescas